Paid Advertising & Strategic Marketing

Here at Web Widget Media, we are a strictly performance based marketing company. We take commission based offers and advertise through our many landing pages and advertising campaigns to bring high quality traffic solutions where previously there were gaps in your marketing efforts.

Who we are.

Advertising is a neccessary part of a successful and growing business. Web Widget Media has been selling many different types of poducts and services to various parts of the world through several traffic vehicles mainly accessible in digital real estate. We have worked with mostly all the major traffic sources directly and provide value to our advertisers by leveraging technology that allows us to bring only the best and highest converting traffic to the table. We capture the intent of our visitors and insure that the offers we are advertising are placed in exactly the right sources to be seen and heard by the right customer every time.

Search Ads

Google AdWords and Bing Ads are a pinnacle service of our business. However there are many other different search partners that prove to be both profitable and high converting. We use as many sources that we can to ensure the maximum reach possible.

Email Marketing

Managing and monetizing subscriber data can be a tricky process. It's best to leave this to a professional that has a long history of maintaining profitable and compliant email marketing campaigns. Monetizing data requires an attention to detail that too few have mastered.

Native Ads

Native ads are ever increasing the shear volume of inventory and their profitability. Sharing content that converts visitors in to valuable and engaged customers has never been so easy. We work with many different partners that include native advertising in their platforms. Working together we can create a great profile of targeted sites to advertise any product with an emphasis on conversion.

Mobile Apps

Mobile advertising has now been around for almost a decade and yet, still some of those trying to seek value in advertising forget and look past the gem that is mobile advertising. In-app advertising is a very important part of any mobile oriented products or apps that have advertising campaigns. With the ease of targeting to users based on a variety of different targeting points.

How we work.

1 Finding the best product that suits the needs of our traffic sources to match the perfect advertiser is an integral part of our process. Choosing the right offer for our paths and landing pages requires a great amount of technical knowledge and industry resources. Using our decades worth of network and contacts we have access to essential any offer that suits our traffic sources.

2 Traffic sources are easy to come by, in-fact it seems as soon as you turn around there are many different traffic sources courting advertiser with free coupons and other gifts. The key is to unlock the secret of where, how, and who is generating the traffic for these sources and determine if this suites the needs of your campaigns in regards to conversion rate and other necessary goals.

3 Analysis is probably the most important part of any ongoing campaign. The key to optimization of the conversation rate for all types of offers, advertisements, and placements, you will need data. You will also need a solid understanding of how to interpret value from that data which you can then use to turn any source of traffic into a source of profitability and company growth.