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Lead Gen Websites

Did you know that you can have upwards of thousands of other marketing companies are looking to market your product for you? This is called affiliate marketing and it can help you gather much traffic and conversions that cost you only when a lead is passed through.

Affiliate Lead Gen Development

When you decide to work with affiliates, you will want to make sure that you offer a solution for your affiliates to send leads to a secure website, that will be sure to convert well. Most affiliates will not like outbound links on the landing page. Other sites will want different advertisements that their are able to use on select marketing platforms.

Working With Affiliates

Affiliates provide a lot of the online revenue made on the internet today, some affiliates have built million dollar companies that only market products that they do not even own. Many of affiliates have found ways to market almost any product. In essence you could say that WWM is a certain type of affiliate. Let us help you know which direction to take when you decide to start taking on affiliates.

When you are working with other marketers, you may want to make sure that your campaigns do not overlap with each other. When you bring affiliates onboard, you will want to know what they will be doing, however most will not want to say, Web Widget Media has years of experience creating a relationship with affiliates for different companies.

Creating a Lead Gen Website

When you create a website that your affiliates can use it is great to think about their needs during the development. An affiliate will need to have their tracking codes placed on the site after the conversion occurs, they will also want to log in and see if their tracking matches yours for in order to handle accounting differences.

Affiliates will want to make it possible to have multiple different payouts for different types of leads, maybe your company will make 20$ per item sold, but you know that you will average $2.00 per visitor that signs up for a free trial of your services. You can offer $1.50 per lead and $15.00 per sale to any affiliate that sends you traffic that converts on either a lead or sale or both. Affiliates love extra payout structures.

Tracking who comes to your website, where they came from and which affiliate gets the credit for sending the lead is very important. We can set up with the right solutions to help your business work well with affiliates and help your consumer base grow.