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Consider your needs the same as other relevant companies, they need new eyes on their website, you need new eyes on yours, share email lists to gain more customers.

Web Widget Media can help you fired the right relationships with other companies that can be beneficial to both companies. We will take all the necessary steps to insure that your business is marketed properly and effectively to the right target market.

Using Your Newsletter

when you first start your website, you will probably want to have customers sign up for a newsletter to help market your company even more. Sometimes when a company has been doing business for a long time, they accumulate email addresses over the years, yet wait to use them for marketing for the sole reason of not enough time. WWM understands that keeping your customers interested in your business keeps them coming back to you.

Web Widget Media specializes in creating multi-channel customer retention programs that provide a fun and interesting way for users to engage with your brand. When you can associate your brand with the industry that you are in, it really shows in your website.

Using Someone Else’s Newsletter

When you have decided that your own newsletter is running great and you are producing a lot of great content you may want to indulge in even more Email Marketing. We are a great resource for you to use when wanting to find other relevant email lists and promote your brand on them, remember that the best content is exiting and interesting to your average consumer.

Look to our company to hold the key to many beneficial relationships online, not only to we look for business that suit your consumer market, we find them during other process that help your Search Engine Optimization Campaigns.

Paying for Email Drops

Sometimes you will come across a company that may want to harvest your email list for a fee per email. This is an example of a Email Marketing company that does the same to other businesses, and then allows you to advertise on them for a specific rate per email. We can manage these relationships as it is important to understand more about the persons receiving the end email, where did they come from what site were they on, these are all very important factors.