What are Pay Per Click Ads

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Pay Per Click Advertising

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We will want to make sure that your website gets as much relevant traffic as possible. Setting up a Pay Per Click campaign is a great way to get visitors to your website without yet being visible in the search engines.

What does Pay Per Click Mean?

PPC advertising also known as Pay Per Click Advertising is a way to describe the method of payment for an individual online ad. Thus if you display an ad on an advertising platform that sells ad space on a Pay Per Click basis, you will have your ad displayed for free, but you will have to pay when a user clicks the ad and then lands on your webpage.

PPC Campaigns for Traffic

Sometimes when you have built a site, it hasn’t yet received much traffic because you are still in the middle of adding content for the search engines to use. If you are in this situation, you are probably wonder what you can do to get more traffic.

Even without natural search engine visibility you can gather traffic to your website using well placed PPC ads on advertising platforms. This is a great way to gain statistical data that you may later on use for your own Search Engine Optimization campaigns.

Pay Per Click For Branding Your Company

Large websites that have been around for a long time and that are already showing up in the Search Engine Results for more than a few terms. May find it possible to boost their conversions simply by adding an ad to the sponsored search results for the same keyword they are visible for. When a user sees your company name in their search they find it relevant, however if that user were to see an ad, a page, links for that page, and even other content from your site, the branding power is limitless.