Paid Online Advertising Services

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When you have the right tools set up on your website to handle large amounts of traffic, it’s time to start paying for advertising online. There are so many different ways to Advertise Your Business Online and there are new innovative techniques to get you light years past your competition.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click is also referenced as PPC. It is a payment type for advertising online. Many various ads that you will want to place all over the internet, are set up to be payable on the click, thus when a user visits and ad on the website you are advertising on, you then own that website a specific amount. However, if you advertise on a website and you receive no clicks, then not only are you not advertising in the right place, you won’t owe that website any money because you had not received clicks on your ads.

Web Widget Media has a large database of marketing platforms that run on Pay Per Click ads, such as Google, Microsoft Ad Center, 7 Search and many others to choose from. We will make sure to find the correct one to start building your Pay Per Click campaign.

Google, Bing, Yahoo Ads

If you search for something in today’s search engines most all of them have sponsors search results around the Natural Search Results. You may know that these are a great tool for increasing your branding power around an all ready well rounded website, or can be used to generate traffic to a website that has not yet become visible in search engines.

There are many things that can go wrong on an advertising campaign when using Google, Bing, or Yahoo ads. The best thing to do is research and fully understand how to place the right ads in the right places without spending too much on clicks. The key is in the conversion rate which is the amount of conversions over the amount of visitors. This metric will give you something to start increasing in your efforts. WWM possesses the experience necessary to help reduce starting costs and start making profit quickly.

Cheap Traffic Solutions

There are many different advertising platforms to choose from and all have different traffic. Sometimes your advertising campaign that will work on one platform may not work on another. Understanding the traffic provided by the advertising platform can set your campaigns apart from your competitors who mainly spend way too much money and then shortly leaving the advertising space.

Web Widget Media can help you get started on the right advertising platforms that suit your initial advertising budget. It is important to remember that when starting a campaign, it takes a short amount of time and relative sum of money to gather statistical information that will help you save money and not spend more than you make from advertising.

In fact it is our goal to reach your CPA or Cost Per Action that you can pay. For instance if your action is a sale and you make 40% of that sale, you may be able to pay 30% to getting new customers, thus creating a solid amount for us to work with that will allow to track profits.

Google Placement Ads

Placement ads are a well kept secret and can greatly increase your branding power. There are many different sites that have content that are getting number one results that allow for Google Banner ads to be placed directly on their site.

What if we told you that you could advertise your website directly on your competitors web pages, or that you can have ad space on hundreds of first page result websites quickly on a pay per click basis, Google Placement ads and other marketing platforms allow for great banner advertising solutions

Conversion Tracking

As an Internet Marketing & Web Design company, we are big on collecting data. The data we receive from your website can help create more valuable content and help optimize your website to increase web conversions. Talk to us today about Conversion Tracking for your Web Site.

Social Advertising

Many online social networks allow for advertising. We work with Facebook Ads and cover a variety of different industries. LinkedIn also provides Advertising to upgraded members. We can even create ads on MySpace. There are various industrial social networks that allow for advertising, if your business deserves ads space online, guaranteed we can find it and utilize it for your benefit

Email Marketing

Most forms of Email Marketing may seem outdated. Early on advertisers would blast their emails to mailing list for specific topics.

Today there are better approaches to getting into the inboxes of possible clients, it comes from not only trying to get more eyes on your product, but also remember that you can allow someone the same curtsey and manage those relationships. Thus sharing your email list with another business that is relevant and complimentary to yours is better than just wasting emails to random purchased lists

Keyword Analysis

When you market online using advertisements, most will allow you to categorize your ads into different keyword groups. The keywords you choose should be popular keywords that your consumers search for in regards to your product and services.

There are also way to insure that your content will display in front of generic content that is only semi-related in nature to your services and industry. Providing the right ads for the right keywords and creating captivating keyword campaigns is the right combination for success.